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David Macpherson is a reader who hopes one day to be a writer. He lives in Edinburgh and other than on this page rarely refers to himself in the third person. His stories have been published in The Eildon Tree and in Edinburgh University’s student magazine The Inkwell. Last year his story ‘Greenhats’ was long-listed for BBC Radio 4’s Opening Lines short story competition. This year he has sent a bigger bribe and hopes to make the final short list.

His main influences include people who are clever, people who are funny and people who are clever while being funny. He isn’t sure if he is any of those yet, but he is young (27 is young, okay, I still get ID’d and everything) so has at least got time on his side. He also likes AC/DC, dogs, and Hobnobs dunked in coffee.

Follow him on Twitter here: @David_Mac13

If you want to follow him in person, be aware he is a timid creature, easily startled. You may wish to invest in a pair of these.


One thought on “About the author

  1. Also David is was a champion judoist . So watch out . Ha ha ha joke the guy is to nice

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